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Birthdates which occurred on July 25:

975 Thietmar bishop of Merseburg, German chronicler
1575 Christoph Scheiner Germany, astronomer
1775 Anna Symmes Harrison 1st lady
1840 Flora Adams Darling founded Daughters of American Revolution
1848 Arthur Earl Balfour (C), British PM (1902-05) (Balfour Declaration)
1883 Alfredo Casella Turin Italy, composer (La Giara)
1884 Davidson Black Canada, doctor of anatomy (identified Peking Man)
1894 Walter Brennan Swampscott Mass, actress (Real McCoys, At Gun Point)
1899 Ralph Dumke Indiana, actor (Movieland Quiz)
19-- Ken Swofford DuQuoin Ill, actor (Quentin-Fame)
1902 Eric Hoffer longshoreman/author (True Believer)
1905 Elias Canetti Bulgarian/British novelist/essayist (Nobel 1981)
1907 Jack Gilford NYC, actor (Save the Tiger, Cocoon, Arthur 2)
1924 Estelle Getty NYC, actress (Sophia Petrillo-Golden Girls)
1924 Frank Church (Sen-D-Id)
1925 Jerry Paris SF Calif, director/actor (Jerry-Dick Van Dyke Show)
1927 Midge Decter St Paul Minn, anti woman's lib (Liberated Woman...)
1930 Maureen Forrester Montreal Canada, contralto (Ressurection Symphony)
1932 Paul J Weitz Erie Pennsylvania, astronaut (Skylab 2, STS 6)
1935 Adnan Khashoggi billionaire/arms dealer
1935 Barbara Harris actress (Plaza Suite, Family Plot)
1935 Laurent Terzieff Paris France, actor (Pharoah-Moses the Law Giver)
1940 John Pennel pole vaulter (James E Sullivan Award-1963)
1941 Nate Thurmond NBA star (Cleveland Cavaliers)
1943 Janet Margolin NYC, actress (Take the Money & Run, David & Lisa)
1943 Jim McCarty rocker (The Yardbirds-For Your Love)
1945 Donna Theodore Broadway singer (Hollywood Talent Scouts)
1948 Steve Goodman Chicago, singer/songwriter (Somebody Elses Trouble)
1954 Lynn Frederick Middlesex England, actress (Schizophrenia)
1954 Walter Payton NFL running back (Chicago Bears)
1955 Iman model/David Bowie's girlfriend/actress (Star Trek VI)
1957 Bogdan Musiol German DR, bobsled (Olympic-bronze-1980)
1961 Katherine Kelly Lang LA Calif, actress (Brooke-Bold & Beautiful)
1975 Jay R Ferguson Jr Dallas Tx, actor (Taylor Newton-Evening Shade)
1978 Louise Brown Oldham England, world's 1st `test tube baby'
1990 Evan James Springsteen son of Bruce

Deaths which occurred on July 25:

1616 Andreas Libavius German alchemist, dies
1934 Engelbert Dollfuss Austrian chancellor assassinated by nazis
1959 Dr Isaac Halevi Herzog chief rabbi of Israel (1936-59), dies at 71
1981 Ian Martin actor (Uncle Bill-O'Neills), dies at 69
1986 Vincente Minnelli movie director, dies in LA at 76
1987 Malcolm Baldrige Secretary of Commerce, dies of internal injuries


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On this day...

1360 Jews are expelled from Breslau Silesia
1593 France's Protestant King Henri IV converts to Roman Catholic
1670 Jews are expelled from Vienna Austria
1729 North Carolina becomes royal colony
1759 British capture Fort Niagara from French (7 Years' War)
1775 Maryland issues currency depicting George III trampling Magna Carta
1799 French-Egyptian forces under Napolean I beat Turks at Battle of Abukir
1814 Battle of Niagara Falls (Lundy's Lane); Americans defeat British
1822 Gen Agust¡n de Iturbide crowned Agust¡n I, 1st emperor of M‚xico
1832 1st railroad accident in US, Granite Railway, Quincy, Mass-1 dies
1860 1st US intercollegiate billard match (Harvard vs Yales)
1866 US Grant named 1st general of Army
1868 Territory of Wyoming created
1871 Carrousel patented by Wilhelm Schneider, Davenport, Iowa
1898 1st US troops land & occupy Puerto Rice, at Guanica Bay
1903 Castle on top of Telegraph Hill closes
1909 France's Louis Bl‚riot, makes 1st airplane flight across Engl Channel
1912 Comoros proclaimed a French colonies
1913 Carl Weilman strikes out 6 times in a 15 inning game
1913 Pirates Max Carey goes hitless, but scores 5 runs against Phillies
1916 Explosion at Lake Erie & Cleveland Waterworks
1918 Annette Adams sworn in as 1st woman district attorney of US, Calif
1918 Race riot in Chester Pennsylvania (3 blacks & 2 whites killed)
1920 Red Sox turn triple-play, but Ruth's 35th HR leads Yanks to 8-2 win
1930 Phila Athletics triple steal in the 1st & 4th innings vs Cleveland
1935 C Jackson discovers asteroid #1641 Tana
1936 115 acre Orchard Beach opens in the Bronx
1936 G Neujmin discovers asteroid #3761
1939 NY Yankee Atley Donald sets AL rookie record with 12 consecutive win
1940 John Sigmund begins swimming for 89 hrs 46 mins in the Mississippi R
1941 Red Sox Lefty Grove becomes 12th to win 300 games (his last victory)
1943 Benito Mussolini dismissed as premier of Italy during WW II
1944 1st jet fighter used in combat (Messerschmitt 262)
1946 1st bikini is shown at a Paris fashion show
1946 US detonates underwater A-bomb at Bikini (5th atomic explosion)
1947 US Air Force, Navy & War Dept form US Dept of Defense
1947 US Deptartment of the Army created
1949 St Louis Cardinal Stan Musial hits for thew cycle beating Bkln 14-1
1950 Goethe Link Observatory discovers asteroids #1799 Koussevitzky,
           #1822 Waterman & #2842
1951 L Boyer discovers asteroid #1714 Sy
1952 Commonwealth of Puerto Rico created (Constitution Day)
1952 Goethe Link Observatory discovers asteroid #1788 Kiess
1953 NYC transit fare rises from 10 to 15, 1st use of subway tokens
1956 Andria Doria collided with MS Stockholm & sank. (7/26?)
1956 Italian liner Andrea Doria sank after colliding with the Stockholm
1956 Jordanians attack UN Palestine truce
1957 Monarchy in Tunisa abolished in favor of a republic
1958 "Sensational" Sherri Martel wins wrestling's WWF woman's title
1961 Maris hits home runs 37, 38, 39 & 40 in a double header
1963 US, Russia & England sign nuclear test ban treaty
1964 Beatles' "Hard Day's Night, A," album goes #1 & stays #1 for 14 weeks
1964 Race riot in Rochester NY
1965 Folk-rock begins, Dylan uses electricity at Newport Folk Festival
1966 Supremes release "You Can't Hurry Love"
1966 Yankee manager Casey Stengel elected to Hall of Fame
1967 Construction begins on SF MUNI METRO (Market Street subway)
1968 H Wroblewski discovers asteroid #1993 Guacolda
1968 Pope Paul VI encyclical On the regulation of birth
1969 70,000 attend Seattle Pop Festival
1972 NL beats AL 4-3 in 43rd All Star Game (Fulton County Stad, Atlanta)
1972 US health officials concede blacks were used as guinea pigs in
           40 year syphillis experiment
1973 George Harrison pays œ1,000,000 tax on his Bangladesh concert & album
1973 USSR launches Mars 5
1974 T Smirnova discovers asteroid #2345 Fucik
1975 "A Chorus Line," longest-running Broadway show (6,137), premiers
1978 Bob Lemon replaces Billy Martin as Yankee manager
1978 Cin Red Pete Rose sets NL record hitting in 38 consecutive games
1981 Voyager 2 encounters Saturn
1983 1st nonhuman primate (baboon) conceived in a lab dish, San Antonio
1983 Washington Public Power Supply System defaulted $2.25 billion
1984 Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya became 1st woman to walk in space
1985 Spokeswoman for Rock Hudson confirmed he had AIDS
1987 Sherri Martel beats Fabulous Moolah for WWF Woman's Championship Belt
1987 USSR launches Kosmos 1870, 15-ton Earth-study satellite
1990 KC Royal George Brett hits for the cycle
1990 Nadezhda Ryashkina of USSR sets 10K walk woman's record (41:56.23)
1990 Roseanne Barr sings the National Anthem at San Diego Padre game
1990 US Ambassador tells Iraq, US won't take sides in Iraq-Kuwait dispute
1991 Howard Stern adds a 4th radio market (Los Angeles)
1992 25th Olympic Summer games opens in Barcelona, Spain


Note: Some Holidays are only applicable on a given "day of the week"

Costa Rica : Annexation of Guanacaste Day/Anexi¢n de Guanacaste
Luiza Puerto Rico : Fiest of Santiago Ap¢stal
Netherlands : Independence Day
Puerto Rico : Constitution Day (1952)
Tunisia : Republic Day (1957)
Virgin Islands : Hurricane Supplication Day - - - - - ( Monday )

Religious Observances

RC, Luth, Ang, Cong : Feast of St James the Elder, apostle
RC : Commemoration of St Christopher, patron of travelers

Religious History

0325 The Council of Nicea closed. Regarded as the first 'ecumenical council,' its 300attending bishops drafted the Nicene Creed and fixed the formula for Easter Sunday.
1741 English revivalist George Whitefield wrote in a letter: 'Your extremity shall beGod's opportunity.'
1845 Canadian-born Catholic missionary Fran‡ois Blanchet was consecrated bishop of thePacific Northwest. He devoted 45 years to planting churches, and is remembered today as the'Apostle of Oregon.'
1899 Birth of Stuart K. Hine. While an English missionary to the Ukraine, Hine pennedthe English words to an oft-sung Swedish hymn, known today as 'How Great Thou Art.'
1968 Pope Paul VI published the encyclical 'Humanae Vitae.' It restated the Catholicposition on the family, and condemned all artificial methods of birth control.

Source: William D. Blake. ALMANAC OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Minneapolis: Bethany House, 1987.
Additional information supplied by the author. Contact via E-mail: William D. Blake. (

Thought for the day :

" Don't need a new religion, haven't used the old one up yet. "

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