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Reported: MISSING in ACTION on Tuesday : February - 20.

 1967    GOODMAN          RUSSELL C.        SALT LAKE CITY  UT   POSS DIED IN CRASH     
 1967    THORNTON         GARY L.           PORTERSVILLE  CA   03/04/73 RELEASED BY DRV    XXX   ALIVE AND WELL 98 
 1968    LAUREANO-LOPEZ   ISMAEL            NEW YORK  NY        
 1969    NEISLAR          DAVID PHILLIP     NORMAN  OK        
 1970    MOORE            SCOTT FERRIS JR.  MESQUITE  TX        
 1971    ACALOTTO         ROBERT J.         GREENSBURG  PA        
 1971    JOHNSON          RANDOLPH L.       MILWAUKEE  WI        
 1971    MAY              DAVID M.          HYATTSVILLE  MD       XXX REMAINS RETURNED 12/09/99 
 1971    REID             JON E.            PHOENIX  AZ       XXX REMAINS RETURNED 12/09/99 

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