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Birthdates which occurred on your SELECTED date of September 16:

1387 Henry V king of England (1413-22)
1638 Louis XIV [Sun King] king of France (1643-1715)
1685 John Gay poet (Beggar's Opera)
1797 Sir Anthony Panizzi Librarian at the British Museum
1822 Charles S Crocker Pres of Central & South Pacific Railroad
1823 Francis Parkman American historian/author (Oregon Trail)
1838 James J Hill Canada, RR entrepreneur (Great Northern Railroad)
1858 A Bonar Law (C) British PM (1922-23)
1875 James Cash Penney department store founder (J.C. Penney)
1877 James J Jeans cosmologist/astrophysicist (Mysterious Universe)
1880 Alfred Noyes England, poet (The Highwayman)
1887 Nadia Boulanger Paris, music teacher (Lasir‚ne Ideology)
1888 Frans Sillanp„„ Finland, writer (Meek Heritage-Nobel 1939)
1893 Albert Szent-Gy”rgyi Hungary, biochemist (Nobel 1937)
1895 Charles W Bidwill Sr Chicago, NFL hall of famer (Chicago Cardinals)
1899 Hans Swarowsky Budapest Hungary, conductor (Graz Opera 1947-50)
19-- Andy Russell LA Calif, singer (Andy & Della Russell Show)
19-- Camilo Sesto Spain, spanish singer (Amore Libre, Agenda de Baile)
19-- Christopher Rich actor (Another World)
19-- Sallie Shockley Neenah Wisc, actress (Valerie-Sarge)
19-- Steven Shareaux rocker (Kik Tracee-Hot Wire)
19-- Yolandita Monge PR, spanish singer (Te Digo Adios)
1901 Andr‚e Joly Bunet France, figure skater pair (Olympic-gold-1928, 32)
1911 Wilfred Burchett Australia, communist/writer (Catapult to Freedom)
1912 Jerry Wald NYC, producer (Mildred Pierce, Johnny Belinda)
1914 Allen Funt Bkln NY, TV host & creator (Candid Camera)
1915 Cy Walter Minneapolis Mn, pianist (3's Company)
1920 Franco Pandolfini Italy, water polo (Olympic-gold-1948)
1922 Janis Paige Tacoma Wash, actress (Lanigan's Rabbi, Trapper John MD)
1924 Bess Myerson NY, Miss America 1945/shoplifter (or 0716)
1924 Lauren Bacall Staten Island, actress (Dark Passage, Key Largo)
1924 Paddy Stone Winnipeg Manitoba, choreographer (Piccadilly Palace)
1925 B(lues) B(oy) King Itta Bena Miss, blues singer (The Thrill is Gone)
1925 Charlie Byrd guitarist (Desafinado)
1926 Robert Schuller televangelist (Glass Cathedral)
1927 Jack Kelly Astoria Queens, actor (Bart-Maverick, Get Christie Love)
1927 Peter Falk Ossining NY, actor (Colombo, Scared Straight)
1932 Anne Francis Ossining NY, actress (Honey West, Pancho Villa)
1933 George Chakiris Norwood Ohio, actor (West Side Story)
1934 Elgin Baylor NBA star (1958-59 Rookie of the Year-Lakers)
1937 Aleksandr Medved USSR, super heavyweight (Olympic-gold-1964 68, 72)
1941 Jim McBride NYC, director/actor (Hot Times, Breathless, Big Easy)
1942 Linda G Miller NYC, actress (Night of the Juggler, Mississippi)
1944 Ard Schenk Holland 1500m, 5K, 10K speed skater (Olympic-gold-1972)
1947 Lucius Allen NBA star (Milwaukee Bucks)
1947 Russ Abbott British TV comedian
1948 Rosemary Casals tennis player (US Open doubles 1967,71,74)
1949 Ed Begley Jr LA Cal, actor (Eating Raoul, St Elsewhere, Parenthood)
1949 Susan Ruttan Oregon City Ore, actress (Roxanne-LA Law)
1953 Jerry Pate Macon Ga, PGA golfer (US Open 1976, Canadian Open 1976)
1956 Anatoly Beloglazov USSR, 52 kg freestyle wrestler (Olympic-gold-1980)
1956 Kevin R Kregel NYC NY, Pilot/astronaut
1956 Sergei Beloglazov USSR, 57 kg freestyle wrestler (Olympic-gold-1980)
1958 Jennifer Tilly LA Calif, actress (Let it Ride, Off Beat, Psycho II)
1962 Kimberly McArthur Fort Worth Texas, playmate (January, 1982)
1963 Richard Marx Chicago Ill, rocker (Hold on to the Night)
1964 David Michael Sabo Perth Amboy NJ, rocker (Skid Row-Psycho Love)
1965 Katy Kurtzman Wash DC, actress (Lindsay-Dynasty)
1969 Kathi Wolfgram Minneapolis, rocker (Jets-You Got it All)
1971 Charlie Fields Bkln NY, actor (Shannon)
1972 Shalane McCall actor (Charlie Wade-Dallas)
1976 Andres Javier Blazquez PR, singer (Menudo-Cannonball)

Deaths which occurred on September 16:

1498 Tomas de Torquemada inquisitor who burned 10,000 people, dies
1672 Anne Bradstreet American poet, dies (birth date unknown)
1946 Sir James Jeans dies
1973 Frederic Meyer actor (Faraway Hill), dies at 63
1977 Maria Callas American-born prima donna, dies in Paris at 53
1982 Rolfe Sedan actor, dies at 86


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On this day...

1630 Mass village of Shawmut changes name to Boston
1662 Flamsteed sees solar eclipse, 1st known astronomical observation
1782 Great Seal of US used for 1st time
1795 British capture Capetown
1810 Hidalgo begins Mexican revolt against Spain (National Day)
1812 Fire of Moscow
1857 Typesetting machine patent
1858 1st overland mail for California
1862 Gen Bragg's army surrounds 4000 federals at Munfordville, KY
1885 Puritan (US) beats Genesta (England) in 6th running of America's Cup
1890 Newswriter George Whitney Calhoun names Green Bay team the Packers
1893 Cherokee Strip, Oklahoma opened to white settlement homesteaders
1908 General Motors founded by William C Durant
1915 US takes control of customs & finances of Haiti for 10 years
1919 American Legion incorporated by an act of Congress
1924 Cardinal Jim Bottomley bats in 12 RBIs in 1 game
1926 St Louis Cards beat Phillies 23-3
1927 Rene Lacoste beats Bill Tilden for US Lawn Tennis Assn title
1930 Phillies trailing 10-5, score 5 in 9th, then Pirates score 4 in top of 10th, so Phillies score 5 in bottom of 10th to win 15-14
1938 George E.T. Eyston sets world auto speed record at 357.5 MPH
1939 Yanks clinch pennant #11
1940 Samuel T Rayburn of Tx elected speaker of the House
1945 Barometric pressure at 856 mb (25.55") off Okinawa (record low)
1947 John Cobb sets world auto speed record at 394.2 MPH
1950 Cleveland Rams (formerly AAFC) play 1st NFL game, beat Phila. 35-10)
1951 Betsy Rawls wins the US Women's Open Golf title
1953 AL approves St Louis Browns move to become Baltimore Orioles
1955 Bauer & Berra homer in the 9th beating Red Sox 5-4 taking over 1st
1955 US Auto Club forms to oversee 4 major auto reacing categories
1960 Amos Alonzo Stagg retires as a football coach at 98
1960 Mil Brave Warren Spahn no-hits Phila Phillies, 4-0
1962 Public TV channel 13 begins in NYC
1963 "Outer Limits" premiers on TV
1963 Malaysia formed from Malaya, Singapore, Br. N. Borneo & Sarawak
1964 "Shindig" premiers
1965 Boston Red Sox Dave Morehead no-hits Cleve Indians, 2-0
1966 Metropolitan Opera opens at NY's Lincoln Center
1968 Richard Nixon appears on "Laugh-in"
1971 6 Klansmen arrested in connection with bombing of 10 school buses
1972 1st TV series about mixed marriage-Bridgit Loves Bernie
1972 Penny Marshall appears on Bob Newhart Show in "Fly Unfriendly Skies"
1973 Buff Bill OJ Simpson rushes 250 yards (2 TDs), beating NE Pats 31-13
1974 BART begins regular transbay service
1974 Pres Ford announces conditional amnesty for US, Vietnam War deserters
1975 Papua New Guinea gains independence from Australia (National Day)
1975 Pirates beat Cubs 22-0, Rennie Stennett is 3rd to go 7 for 7
1976 Episcopal Church approves ordination of women as priests & bishop
1977 90 minute pilot of "Logan's Run" premiers on TV
1977 Ringo releases "Drowning in the Sea of Love"
1978 25,000 die in 7.7 earthquake in Iran
1978 Yanks beat Red Sox for 6th time in 2 weeks, 3-2
1979 Catfish Hunter Day at Yankee Stadium
1982 Massacre of 1000+ Palestinian refugees at Chatila & Sabra begins
1983 Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes a US citizen
1984 "Miami Vice" premiers
1987 NASA launches space vehicle S-209
1987 NY's WNET-TV channel 13 begins round the clock broadcasting
1988 Jury awards Valerie Harper $1.6 M in dispute over TV series
1988 Tom Browning of Cincinnati Reds pitches a perfect game against LA Dodgers (1-0)
1989 Singer Natalie Cole marries record producer Andre Fisher
1990 101 year old Sam Ackerman weds 95 year old Eva in New Rochelle NY
1990 Dennis Quaid & Meg Ryan wed
1990 Emmy Awards
1990 Iraq televises an 8 minute uncensored speech from George Bush
1990 Pirate Radio New York International begins transmissions on WWCR
1991 US trial of Panamanian leader Noriega begins


Note: Some Holidays are only applicable on a given "day of the week"

Malaysia, Singapore : Independence Day (1963)
Oklahoma : Cherokee Strip Day (1893)
Papua-New Guinea : National Day (1975)
US : American Legion Charter Day (1919)
Hispanics : National Hispanic Heritage Week - - - - - ( Sunday )
UN observance : Intl Day of Peace - - - - - ( Tuesday )

Religious Observances

RC : SS Cornelius, pope (251-53), & Cyprian, bishop, martyrs
Ang : Commemoration of St Ninian, Bishop in Galloway

Religious History

1224 During an extended period of prayer and fasting, St. Francis of Assisi, 42, received the stigmata (crucifixion scars of Christ) on Mount Alvernia, in Italy. Francis, the founder of the Franciscans in 1209, has been called by some the greatest of all the Christian saints.
1620 The "Mayflower" set sail from Plymouth, England, bound for the New World. On board were 48 crew members and 101 colonists (including 35 Separatists from Leiden, Holland, known afterward as the Pilgrims). During the three-month voyage, two passengers died and two babies were born.
1840 Scottish pastor Robert Murray McCheyne wrote in a letter: 'Grace fills us with very different feelings from the possession of anything else. If you have tasted the grace of the Gospel, the irresistible longing of your hearts will be, "Oh, that all the world might taste its regenerating waters."'
1906 Birth of J.B. Phillips, Anglican clergyman. Ordained in 1930, he wrote "Your God is Too Small" (1951), but is better remembered for his biblical paraphrase, "The New Testament in Modern English," first published in 1958.
1976 In Minneapolis, the 65th Triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church officially approved ordination of women to the priesthood.

Source: William D. Blake. ALMANAC OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Minneapolis: Bethany House, 1987.
Additional information supplied by the author. Contact via E-mail: William D. Blake. (

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